The best colours for your rooms

The best colours for your rooms

The best colours for your rooms

Painting contractors in Johannesburg advice on room colours

Let’s start by saying that you should forget all colour trends. What suits one person’s tastes and personality is probably not going to suit your own. Colour combinations and where the colour will be applied is all important to the suitability of the colour. It is very rare that the colour as it is will be the same when it is painted on the walls. Paint Pros Painting contractors in Johannesburg will be able to give you the best advice about which colour blends and combinations will be best used in the rooms in your home, but there is some research that you can do on your own before you approach the painting contractors in Johannesburg who will be transforming your home.

Choosing the colour combination that is going to suit your home is often quite an intimidating task as it is going to transform your room completely. It can make a room look bigger or smaller, it can change the shape of the furnishings. Choosing the right colour can be very difficult to do if you are lacking the basics.

So this is going to be your guide on what colours are best going to suit your home

The best colour for your bedroom

It is important to first say that the colour will largely depend on your tastes, and your bedroom is going to be the one place where you want to have a calming colour that is going to allow you to relax in a comfortable, peaceful environment.

Neutral colours are always the safest option, with browns, beiges and cream colour schemes all being very popular choices for the bedroom. The best colours are those that give the room a peaceful atmosphere, the most popular being different shades of blue, lavender and soft tones of green.

Blues in a bedroom are very calming and they can create a sense of serenity, and protection. This is one of the colours that is said to be able to prevent nightmares. Purple, which is another popular bedroom colour, is able to create an atmosphere of happiness and creativity although some painting contractors in Johannesburg might suggest breaking up the harsh purple colour with a different colour or to use a different toned down purple colour.

Darker colours can shrink the size of the bedroom so it is sometimes best to apply a darker colour to just one wall.

The best colour for your kitchen

When you are painting out your kitchen with the assistance of Paint Pros you are going to be advised to match your paint colour with the colour of your cabinets. It is important to do this to ensure that the colours will match or complement one another. It might sound just a little far-fetched but there are colours that are able to curb hunger when painted in the kitchen. Colours like greens, blues and purples can make you lose your appetite which might not be the effect that you are looking for when you are painting out your kitchen.

Browns and yellows are very popular kitchen colours as they create a warm environment for your kitchen and thus create a warm area for your family to bond in. Browns and yellows are always safe colours to use as they are rather neutral. White is another popular colour that is used in kitchens, especially if you want to save money while you are redecorating. The last colour that can be quite popular in the kitchen is red. Red, when it is used properly and is not overpowering, can create a warm atmosphere.

The best colour for the lounge

This is the one room in your home where the whole family can relax together and unwind after a day at work. It is also the one room in which the family can bond and so you don’t want cold colours in your lounge. Many people choose to have a neutral colour in their lounge as it is easier to use other textures and colours to blend in.

Some of the more popular colours used in the lounge are colours that are able to bring nature into the home, such as soft greens, browns, blues and yellow. Vibrant colours can also work well, such as brilliant blues, and lively reds. These colours create a relaxing atmosphere and they can be ideal for those who are looking to escape from the world and have some down time.

Paint Pros Painting contractors in Johannesburg can help you choose the ideal colour for each room in your home but they are not going to be able to make the final decision for you. You need to choose the best colour for your home so think about what colours you would prefer in each room and be sure to listen to the advice.

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