Steel Surfaces

Protect and maintain

Steel surfaces have grown in popularity because of their resistance to stains as well as their durability and resilient qualities. In short, steel surfaces are strong, durable and highly versatile but they need to be protected and maintained to make the most of these qualities. 


There are many reasons why steel surfaces are treated but it mainly involves protecting them against scratching, peeling, extreme weather and corrosion. Regardless of quality, steel surfaces become scratched and damaged. Repairs and treatment of steel surfaces depends largely on the depth of the scratches. Youre either looking at a light patch job or extensive work. 


Damaged steel surfaces can be repaired if you know what youre doing. Casting surfaces should be cleaned with an abrasive treatment to prevent zinc adhesion. Heattreating steel often introduces a surface coating that cannot be removed by conventional chemical cleaning processes and must be blastcleaned. Treating and cleaning steel surfaces gets complicated and something best left to the experts.


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